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Next month our blog will be a detailed look at the process involved in using the Silhouette Curio.

Inklusionprint Blog May 2024

Print and Cut with the Silhouette Curio

1. Import your graphic in the usual
way. If it is your own drawing you can scan and email the
image to yourself 
using the HP MFP880m Printer.


2.    If you are using an image you found online first make sure you are not
infringing somebodies copyright.

3.     All OK? Go ahead and download it to your desktop. From the right click menu choose open with Adobe Photoshop 2024.

4.     Edit the image where necessary and take away the background using the “Magic Erasure” tool. To make the cut image stand out, double click the image layer and the Effects Dialogue box will pop up. Tick the Stroke box and make a white stroke around the image between 10 and 20 pixels. Save a copy of it to your desktop as a .png.



5.     Open the Silhouette program by clicking on this symbol in the task bar.


6. First thing to do is to make sure you have enabled the REGISTRAITION page. Like so…

7.      Now, everything you place inside the rectangle with the thin red line will at the end be cut by the Curio.


8.     Drag and Drop your .png into the rectangle of the Silhouette software. Next make as many copies of the image as you need to fill the page.

9. Make sure you leave enough room between each image so that they are not touching and the knife can get between them.

10. Go to “File>Print” and load a piece of A4 Photo paper. Click “Print” and choose the HP Color Laserjet Pro 454.



11. Choose these settings for the printer and click “Print”.

12, Place the print on the large cutting matt with the black square of the registration mark at the top right.

13. If the main light is flashing load the cutting matt and push home. If locked press the middle button and then push home.

14. Like so.

15. Back in Silhouette Studio. Click on the SEND Tab.

16. Match these settings and click SEND

Next Month's Blog will be another Step-By-Step. Featuring the use of recyclable materials for etching artwork.

Inklusionprint Blog June 2024

Etching Artwork using Recyclable Materials

Bookmark this page to revisit for the July Blog.

Using the Ricoh Ri100 DTG A4 Printer to print full colour onto T-shirts and Tote Bags.