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Gabriel joined St. John’s in 2020 and has quickly shown a love for all creative pursuits. Gabriel enjoys painting as a medium to express himself and also enjoys performing in drama and music. During some down time, Gabriel can be seen listening to classical music, using the equipment in the outdoor gym or reading a […]


I have been at St.Johns for about 2 years, I like going on the buses and trains. To new places, I Make Christmas cards and mugs.


The Multitalented Alice not only looks after our Instagram presence but also joins in production and contributes artwork along with very successful product ideas like the Hot Chocolate Bouquets. Thanks Alice for all your hard work.


Jessica is one of our students who is vision impaired but that doesn’t stop her creating some fabulous artwork on the computer. Her inspirations include comic book style illustrations and game art. She also designed the artwork for the college’s 2021 Christmas Card. Well done Jessica, a valuable contribution.


Robbie is a keen observer of nature who has a passion for waterfowl in particular. He has made a great contribution to our artwork catalogue and really enjoys getting involved in the production side of the business. He also enjoys taking part in our drama productions. Here is a picture of him in character for […]


Dan is an artist, a valuable member of the production team and Head of our packaging/dispatch team. He has also recently taken up the additional role of website admin. Go Dan!