Christmas Card Bundle (Legacy)


By: Ellis , Johnny , Sam , Patrick , Ben , James and Emily

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2020 Christmas Card Designs



In case you missed them, here are the card designs from last year's collection (2020). Click here for 6 random cards from the 2020 collection.  
About the artist:

Ellis joined St. John’s in 2019 and loves listening to Ariana Grande. He enjoys exploring various art mediums and experiments with colours. Ellis also enjoys going for long walks looking at architecture and discovering different textures.


Johnny is the creator of our wonderful Cat mug, which comes in a variety of colours.

More Art by Johnny

Johnny has an instagram account @johnnycarrollpell and a Facebook Page - Art By Johnny.


Sam joined St. John’s in 2018 and has a passion for everything aircraft related. Sam enjoys creative writing and has created seasonal greeting cards, for example his Christmas card design.


Patrick joined St. John’s in 2019 and enjoys keeping fit watching Joe Wick’s fitness videos. Patrick is known for his quirky robin drawing and enjoys working in different mediums such as painting, collage and using felt tip pens.


Ben joined St. John’s this academic year has immediately shown a love for all things mechanical and constructive, often making structures with Meccano or Papier Mache. Ben created an artwork using potato printing called ‘Snowflakes’


James is a keen artist who joined St. John’s in 2016. James loves to draw animals and wildlife using pen and paper. One of James’s signature pieces ‘Barely Winter’ depicts three polar bears. James states he created this piece because ‘I like artic animals’.


Emily joined St. John’s in 2017 and has grown as an artist in that time. One of Emily’s signature pieces ‘Fox’ was created using pens. Emily enjoys using oil pastels and has created some whacky patterns.


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