African Monkey Tote Bag


By: James

Product details

African Monkey Tote bag. The first part of James’ African Safari Collection.



African Monkey Tote Bag "I have done a monkey and had chosen to put my picture on a tote bag as I learnt that people have these in Africa. I have an excellent, fabulous idea of my own because I have the strong ability to sort and group animals carefully."   100% Cotton Long Handled Bag. Strong and ideal for everyday shopping, days at the beach, picnics and hundreds of other uses. Unique design, organic and washable. Bag size 37cm x 42cm.
About the artist:

James is a keen artist who joined St. John’s in 2016. James loves to draw animals and wildlife using pen and paper. One of James’s signature pieces ‘Barely Winter’ depicts three polar bears. James states he created this piece because "I like arctic animals."


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